Who Else Would Like 100 People

in Their Traffic Exchange Downline?

Frustrated with the growth of your traffic exchange downlines?


I know I was…I followed every guru’s advice on “how to add sign-ups to my exchanges" and drive “tons” of traffic to my website.


Do this & that, drive 1,000’s of visitors to your website, and make X (put in what you want) amount of dollars a day!


Blah, Blah, Blah, - same old stuff – I surfed my butt off on a daily basis, sometimes surfing for more than an hour! Occasionally getting a sign-up here & there, but nothing was guaranteed! It was too sporadic.


I didn’t give up, because I knew that traffic exchanges work – they do in fact bring in the visitors. 


T here had to be a better way.


A way that would GUARANTEE sign-ups on a consistent basis.


Well that Better Way has been revealed –


Robert Puddy, owner of Advertising Know How has created a plan for users of his traffic exchange system that GUARANTEES referrals to your downline – FREE!


That’s right – Guaranteed downline members for FREE! Best of all it’s on a consistent basis – an amount added that you can count on.


Here I was surfing like a madman trying to add people to my 10-exchange surfing system from the latest guru, when right in front of my eyes one of the best traffic exchanges on the Internet was GUARANTEEING referrals to my downline!


Like I said – I’ve followed a few systems in how to surf for traffic and drive loads of traffic, but NEVER have I come across an owner of a traffic exchange that is willing to give FREE referrals.


By now you’re probably wondering – “What’s the Catch?” Come On Jeff - Nothing is really free…


I was skeptical too! Until I found out it was TRUE! It works and best of all you can VERIFY it yourself in just 7-Days.


That’s right – 7-Days from now you can GUARANTEE that you have at least one referral in your downline for Advertising Know How.


If you're willing to invest 10 minutes of your time,

then you'll discover the ONE secret that GUARANTEES your success...


You see, Robert isn’t going to just give you a referral for doing nothing! He is asking one thing of you…


Surf 50 pages 5 out of 7 days and he’ll add a random referral to your downline! That’s 10-Minutes a day or less than an hour a week.


Can you invest 10 Minutes a day 5 out of 7 days to add Guaranteed Referrals to your traffic exchange downline?


The best part about these FREE random referrals is…whenever they make a purchase or upgrade YOU get the Commission!


Unheard of in Today’s Market – a random referral – placed in your downline by someone else and YOU get the Commission!


Do the Math…


I practically lost my mind when I fathomed the potential of what Robert Puddy was offering through AKH


I didn’t waste any time in putting his offer to the test – I started surfing and guess what? 7-Days later I had a random referral added to my AKH downline.


You too can immediately start adding random referrals to your downline starting Today!


-           Increase traffic to your website

-           Earn $$$ on referral purchases


Now here’s where I really get excited and You will too!


In just under 3-months you could have over 100 people in your AKH downline by surfing 10-minutes a day…


10 minutes for 10 weeks = over 100 referrals with each referral doing the same thing.


Simply contact each of your referrals and share this information with them and the power of duplication will create a downline explosion.


So simple anyone can do it…


  • No complicated systems to follow
  • No complicated email campaign
  • No additional or out-of-pocket expenses


Free is FREE and it works!


Bigger Downlines GUARANTEED


What can you do to MAXIMIZE your efforts? Do what I do…


First – if you haven’t done so you need to get a free account at AdvertisingKnowHow – Sign-up Now!


Start surfing Immediately to earn credits and referrals.

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