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Free Traffic Exchange List
Generate Maximum Traffic to your Site! 

The following Free Traffic Exchanges are all part of the "Free Traffic Exchange Hit System" that generates maximum traffic to your site!

Sign-up for each Free Traffic Exchange Program. Don't forget to open up a word or notepad document and save your surfing URL's and your Referral URL's. Label them appropriately. I name my document - "Traffic Exchange URLs."

 1. The Adlandpro Traffic Exchange ProgramDrive traffic to your business by putting it in front of nearly 130,000 Active Users! 

Adlandpro also has a Free affiliate program that pays you $$$ to deliver visitors to their website. You can refer visitors by placing a link on your site or by creating a custom page for free using their tools - Plus, as an affiliate you can place unlimited Free Classified ads to their classified section.

 2. TrafficSwarm - one of the best delivering targeted prospects. Just 5-minutes to set up, automated, viral, and proven!

 3. TrafficRoundup - Top traffic exchange, excellent service, recent makeover with lots of added features!

 4. FastFreeway - Promote unlimited websites, easy downline builder!

 5. WebBizInsider - Steady, reliable, easy surf & click features along with other opportunities to earn credits. This one is a definate winner and one I've been involved with for several years. Great prices too on buying downlines!
Allows you to email your downline once a week!

 6. HitSense - great exchange and downline builder 2x5 matrix. I will help you build your downline.

 7. ClickingCrazy - lot's of offers!

 8. Hitharvester - surf for credits, cash, and banner impressions!

 9. Startxchange - fantastic credit and downline builder.

10. TrafficG - five excellent services on one site!

11. Hit Safari - #1 Site, great features earn cash and build your list fast!

Once you've signed up for all of the Free traffic exchanges listed above your ready to get started with building your Free Traffic Exchange Hit System that will deliver 1,000's of hits to your website on a daily basis. 

Start surfing now and be ready for lesson two! If you have any questions or need any kind of assistance please send your comments to

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