Free Local Online Classifieds

Free Local Online Classifieds are a great way to get rid of your stuff or to sell your product and/or service!

Spring or Fall cleaning is the time to go through the garage, basement, and attic…with only one question in mind! The question to ask is…when was the last time I used this item and if I haven’t used it - when will the next plausible time be when I will use it?

If you can’t answer this question with an affirmative answer – like within the next 1-year – then it’s time to “GET Rid of It.”

Use free local online classifieds to post a listing of your items and you’ll be surprised at the $$$ that can roll in…

I recently placed a free local classified ad on Craigslist and sold my minivan in 1-week, even had 2 people racing to get to my house to make the purchase! There was nothing fancy about the ad – just a good description with a couple of photos and that was it. To think I was going to junk it for $500 and ended up selling it for $1100!

So – one of the best free local online classifieds to use locally is Craigslist – you can buy, sell, and find freebies there – you can use html tags, plus post pictures of your items.

Be honest and up front about your product or whatever you’re selling – typically, if your item is in good condition it will sell.

September 23, 2009
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Classified Ad Submitter

A Classified Ad Submitter can make selling your product and/or service a whole lot easier!!

What makes this even better is you can take it for a test drive making this a Free Classified Ad Submitter

Think about what automating the process of submitting classified ads online can do for your business – in only a few minutes you can literally reach hundreds, thousands, even millions of Internet users who are looking for your product and/or service!

Best of all you can do this on a daily basis without spending a dime in advertising dollars! Don’t wait any longer – take advantage of the unlimited potential that free advertising can do for your business – advertise on 1,000′s of classified ad websites in minutes versus a few in wasted amount of time!

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level then you need to try our Classified Ad Submitter - Now!

September 20, 2009
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Little Golden Books Prices

Little Golden Books Prices vary depending on where you purchase them. If you find some at a yard / garage sale you can expect to pay less than you would if you were at a retail store.

When the Little Golden Books were first published in 1942 with such titles as: The Poky Little Puppy, Three Little Kittens, The Little Red Hen, and more they sold for $0.25 cents.

Nowadays you can expect to pay a $1 (dollar) or more at a retail store. In 2001 they released their Classic line reprinting vintage books based on popular demand.

They haven’t changed much over the years and Little Golden Books are still one of the most recognizable books when seen – a copy of the Little Poky Puppy is published in the 2000’s is the same as when it was published in 1942!

One of the best ways to find some great deals on little golden books prices is to search online at places like eBay or hit the streets…

Visit your local Salvation Army Thrift Store, Goodwill Store, Resale Store, and yard sales.

There are a few vintage little golden books that are a rare find and are reasonably priced when you do some serious searching…

Whether you’re a collector, a grandparent, or a person who loves to read you’ll find great enjoyment & create a lifetime of memories with Golden Books.

January 5, 2009
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Slipknot Masks for Sale

Loads of Slipknot Masks for Sale – plenty to choose from…

Don’t miss out – if you wait too long you won’t find any Slipknot Masks anywhere as they’re going fast.

Plus, as always you can get free shipping if you spend $25 or more!

Slipknot is recognized as one of the premier American Heavy Metal Bands! They’re known for their attention grabbing shows along with their matching jumpsuits and individualized masks. Their jumpsuits change with each new album as well as their masks, but the masks changes are more subtle.

Controversy surrounds the wearing of the masks, but don’t let that stop you for getting in on one of the Slipknot Masks for Sale.

October 8, 2008
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